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Images of the 2007 Harvest

By Daniel Trostel -- on the Road with Johnson Harvesting

The Great Harvest of 2007 journey started for Daniel on May 15, 2007, with a 130 mile drive to Bryan, Ohio, to catch

Amtrak Passenger Train Number 49 for Staples, Minnesota.  This is the train as it depart Bryan for Chicago with Daniel on board.

He arrived at Staples, Minnesota about 2:00 a.m. the next morning.

Headquarters for Johnson Harvesting find  the loading  of combines at Evansville, Minnesota May 18, 2007

Unloading new combines at Evansville, Minnesota May 16 or 17, 2007

Loading at Evansville, Minnesota May 18, 2007

Departed May 18 for Frederick, Oklahoma

The caravan on the road somewhere in South Dakota, May 19, 2007.  THIS IS IMPRESSIVE!

The caravan on the road somewhere in South Dakota, May 19, 2007

This is not good!  Kansas under water.

Burgers in Frederick, Oklahoma between rain storms.  The harvest did not get off to a good start with much rain across Oklahoma and southern Kansas, but soon the crews moved on to drier regions in central and western Kansas and eastern Colorado.

Welcome to Frederick, Oklahoma, first stop of the 2007 harvest season

Equipment lined up and ready to cut wheat at Kiowa, Kansas.

In the fields near Kiowa, Kansas.  This is one of two fuel/maintenance trucks.

Cutting wheat near Kiowa, Kansas.  Looks like a combine square dance. 

Is that blue sky at Kiowa?

Transferring wheat from the combine to the grain cart.

Lined up at the beginning of the day.

Daniel's charge at Frederick!

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